Some quick colors:

I'll tighten it up later on.


JohnK said...

funny colors!

How did you get that paper texture?

Hryma said...

That looks awesome! very cool colours.

kevin said...

hey, thanks.

John: I scan/take pictures of all kinds of crap to use for texturing. I mashed 2 or 3 different ones together for this one.

I just play around in photoshop with different "layer modes". Take a texture and throw it ontop of everything, and experiment with the modes.

I also like to put solid colors ontop of the whole thing, and adjust the opacity. I like how dingey and dirty it can get.

I can send you some of these, or the psd of this if you want. Let me know.

trevor said...

Fuck me, those are some great colors, Kev.

Speaking of textures, have you ever used Corel Paint? They have some really good surface emulators.

- trevor.

kevin said...

Thanks trevor. I haven't used painter in quite sometime. It seemed overwhelming, and I never spent much time with it.

patrick said...

that is a great colour scheme with interesting textures! Unique and otherworldly, I love it!