George Roughs

The second one really beat me up - it looks crap.


George Progress

Need to work on:
- line weight of shoes, fingers, and hat

- line weight of shoes
- wrinkles of dress
- frill on bottom of dress


Some quick colors:

I'll tighten it up later on.

Fred v.s. George


More George Inks

Got up early to make some edits before I have to put in my 8 hours at the soul sucking factory.

- Fingers look too thin
- Work on line weight of left arm

Sody Inks

Things to work on:
- Line weight of her left forearm
- Variation of line weight in the hair
- Variation of line weight in shorts


Inking Jimmy

First attempt. Things to work on:
- Line weight, and angles of the eyes
- pupils
- collar is a bit thin
- box looks shit


Old Crap

480 Minutes

At work scribbling on the back of faxes


I'm not too psyched about this one. Messing around with the tablet's sensitivity proved to be a bad idea. I'm having trouble getting it back to where I like it. I just realized I missed a line on George's left cheek.