George Roughs

The second one really beat me up - it looks crap.


crazyharmke said...

Hi Kevin,

Those inkings look great! :)
You are learning very fast.

I think George is hard to ink, because of all his flesh and unusual shapes.
@ the second one I think it will help if you make the head-line bolder and the shoulders a little bit thinner. Because now it looks like the arms are attached to the head :)

Ofcourse I'll share my brushes with you!
We all learn from eachother right :)
I can send you the brushes I use by email if you like. But I also can tell you how fat they are and when/how I use them. Your choice :)


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Keep it up, getting better and better.

Hey, join my cartoon animation blog. We're going to break down the preston blair book. Piece by piece. send your email to davidomardesigns@gmail.com

-David O.

JohnK said...

pretty good for working from rough drawings!

a couple tips:

don't straighten the lines-eg: teeth

give things weight

bottom of teeth should have heavier line and no perfectly straight lines

watch the eyes, esp in the last drawing, keep the shapes and expression from the rough

- click the ink on and off on a layer above the pencils
squint your eyes and see if the shapes change, if they do, then you should adjust your inks

I'll put up some more sketches tonight for you to practice on if you like...

kevin said...

John: Thanks for the advice - Im working on it. And, yes please post some more sketches I can practice on.