bastard duck

I did this a couple weeks ago, and forgot about it...Maybe i'll go back, and clean this up a bit.


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Cool colors!

How ya doing, Kevin?

Hope all is well.

Your friend,

CrazyHarmke said...

nice colors ^_^

Mitch L said...

Cool colors indeed!

Really cool drawings.

Anonymous said...

hi kevin
my name is john check out my blog sometime if you want to ,:)

I just wanted to ask a question , what program do you use to ink drawings because I used flah with my firt ever ink it was okay but yours is alot more well rounded and cleaner.



this is my first ever try at inking , and i mean first.

did you start off this crappy.

Dear Joshy said...

Dear Mr. Kevin,

...Excuse me for asking, but did you digitally ink Donald Bastard or hand-ink?

If you digitally inked it, any tips? Was it done in illustrator?

If hand-inked, any tips? Are you Jesus?

Best Regards,
- Josh

kevin said...

yo josh

i inked the bastard in illustrator, and colored it in photoshop. it's a pretty piss poor job. i did it super fast one morning before work.

I try to keep inking fairly simple. I usually use 3 different size brushes: maybe 2,6,and a 10. Depends on the drawing really. Sometimes i only use 2.

I can walk you through some specifics if you'd like - shoot me an email: onefortynine@gmail.com

keep drawing, and stay clear of jesus!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, ill look into illustrator and see what its about.

btw the flash ones ive done are completely freehand,it really really hard for me.

thanks again